Happy Kitten

Happy Healthy Cat Month


Cats are American’s #1 companion and all cat companions deserve to be loved, cherished and well-cared for. And while that’s true all year round, September’s Happy Healthy Cat Month gives you an opportunity to pay special attention to your feline friends. Here’s how to do just that

First of all, your cat will be happiest when they are healthy, which is why making sure your cat enjoys good health is the primary focus of Happy Healthy Cat Month. Just as you go in for a physical every year, your cat deserves the same treatment. Head to your vet for a checkup so the doctor can make sure your cat is the proper weight, is free from any pain, and does not have any signs of illness. Have them check to see if your cat’s teeth need cleaned, which just like you, is an important factor for good health.

Check your cat’s food. Is your cat enjoying what you are feeding him or her? That’s great, but is your cat getting proper nutrition? You should always be feeding your cat actual cat food, which is designed to provide your cat with the nutrients he or she needs to be healthy. Talk to your veterinarian to make sure your cat is getting what’s best for him or her with respect to nutrition.

Hopefully you are playing with your cats all the time, but maybe this month you can make an effort to step up your game! Buy your cat a new toy. Pay attention to the way your cats like to play. Sometimes when your cat cries, they are trying to get food, water or a clean litter pan, but other times, they just want your attention. A playing cat is a happy, healthy cat so encourage your cat’s play efforts whenever possible.

Cats are great pets to have for a lot of reasons, but one is that they are pretty self-sufficient and pretty good at keeping themselves clean. But furry cats can’t help it if they shed a lot, and some of their cleaning efforts can mean uncomfortable hairballs as well as excess hair on your clothes and furniture.

Help them out by brushing them whenever you can. It feels great to your cat, is soothing and relaxing to most humans, and can make sure a lot of that excess fur ends up in the garbage rather than on your things or in your cat’s stomach.

Cats are so adaptable and versatile they can accompany us at any stage of our lives. Also, some studies indicate that pet ownership can support continued good health and longevity in their human guardians. Happy and healthy cats for all!

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