Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

The summer forecast is cats, cats and more cats! June 1, not only kicks off “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” — it also marks the height of kitten season, which is the time of year when we see an increase in feline breeding. There will be a massive influx of homeless and newborn cats, and shelters will be hoping to find more loving homes for felines than ever before. If you’re looking to make a difference for cats during this critical time of year, here are some ways you can get involved:

    1. Fundraise. Shelters need financial help to provide appropriate care
      and feeding.  Help out with a donation or organize a “virtual”
    2. Adopt. If you can provide a loving forever home, your reward will be unconditional love and companionship!  If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, consider taking home two! Cats require exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. Two cats can provide this for each other. Plus they’ll provide more benefits to you. Cats’ purring has been shown to soothe humans as well as themselves – and they have an uncanny ability to just make you smile.
    3. Make a Gift. Shelters can always use more food, toys and materials to enrich the lives of those residing in the shelter. You can help make that time more pleasant and enriching!

Here at Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic, we work with many rescue
organizations within our community. Help us support them by either adding a fur child to your family or making a contribution of any kind! These rescues run on your donations, and food and kitty litter are in HIGH DEMAND! Below are a few organizations very close to our hearts where  you can find more information about how to help.

Hoffmeyer Animal Rescue:
Live to Purr Another Day:

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