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Meet the veterinary staff of Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic who will take care of your pet’s essential health needs.


We at Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet. We can not wait to meet you!

Haley Goodwill

Practice Owner and Manager

Meet Haley
Haley’s passion has always revolved around animals, ranging from a competitive equestrian career, to now, a focus in small animal medicine. While Haley’s studies concentrated on business administration and management, she actually began her professional life riding three-day eventing horses, as well as teaching and training young horses and riders.

Upon her journey to move to the sunshine state in 2015, Haley started her next chapter putting her business education to use. She began working in equine medicine, specializing in surgery, while managing the practice simultaneously. It was during this time that Haley met Dr. Jenna Mollman and the two began to form what would turn into a lifelong friendship and partnership. Working alongside veterinarians geared toward advanced diagnostics and rehabilitation sparked a fondness for veterinary medicine in both small and large animals. Spreading her wings, she opened Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic in the spring of 2017. Developing this practice has been a wonderful journey for both women, and we look forward to what the future holds.

Jenna Mollman, DVM


Meet Jenna Mollman

Born and raised in the south, Jenna Mollman found her love of animals very early in life, and aspired to be a veterinarian for as long as she can remember.

Dr. Mollman attended Colorado State University and graduated with a degree in Equine Science. She then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated at the top of her class! In her final year of veterinary school, Dr. Mollman traveled to the University of Florida for clinical training, working on animals of many species, both small and large. After graduating, Dr. Mollman interned with a mixed animal practice in Orlando, which transitioned into an Associate Veterinarian position. During her tenure as an associate, Dr. Mollman was praised for her ability to diagnose and utilize superior treatment options for her patients. In 2017, Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic had the good fortune to bring Dr. Mollman into the practice full time to take on the role of Head Veterinarian and Medical Director. Haley and all of TCVC have the utmost confidence in her, as this is truly a clinician with the utmost compassion and tenacity to climb any hurdle for her patients and her team.

Dr. Mollman continues to expand her menagerie of 4 legged family members, from cats and dogs to horses and goats! When she’s not in the clinic, you can find Dr. Mollman spending time on her farm with her son Henry, and husband Andrew.

Aisha Solano

Operations Manager

Meet Aisha Solano
Aisha has been in the Veterinary field for 7 years with a background in General Practice, Emergency Medicine, and Neurology. Aisha has always had a passion for helping animals since she was a child, especially those in need. Always striving to learn and add to her extensive skill set in caring for her patients is just one of the many attributes she brings to the team at Tavares Crossroads. Aisha is a new Tavares resident, having moved from Miami. Her family includes a loving husband, 3 cats: Jackjack, Mr.Whiskey, and Lohse; named after a beloved video game protagonist, and Sadie, her lovable Lab mix. Aisha is happy to be a part of the team and enjoys the homelike feel of the practice and its ability to nurture relationships with patients and their parents. As the practice Operations Manager, Aisha enjoys leading a team of talented and caring veterinary professionals in such an enjoyable environment!

Holly Davis

Client Service Coordinator, Technician

Meet Holly Davis

Holly has worked in the veterinary field for over 15 years, and comes to us with experience in both general practice and emergency medicine. She’s worked as an assistant, receptionist and as an ER Doctor Coordinator. She’s passionate about veterinary medicine because she loves educating owners about how to better care for their pets.

A recent Florida addition, she moved here with her dog Rogue, who she loves to take hiking, and her cat Ruttie. She also loves other outdoor activities like backpacking and kayaking and is an avid karaoke singer!

Sarah Tucker

Veterinary Technician

Meet Sarah Tucker

Sarah always had a goal of working in veterinary medicine. From a young age she’s been ambitious about working with animals and is working towards a career in marine and wildlife rehabilitation. Sarah graduated from the University of West Florida with a bachelors in Maritime Studies and International Relations, and is currently seeking a Masters degree in Conservation Marine Biology.

During her studies she started her career in veterinary medicine as a technician for a low cost spay and neuter clinic in 2017, where she found a love for small animal medicine. Sarah has now joined the Tavares Crossroads team to expand her knowledge on small animal diagnostics and surgical procedures. Sarah is passionate about client education, and enjoys speaking with pet owners about the needs of their companions.

In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and daughter, and the family can frequently be found at Disney Parks or somewhere on the water!


Amanda Mayerhofer

Veterinary Technician

Meet Amanda Mayerhofer

I’m Amanda! I recently moved here from Southern California and so far, I’ve been loving adventuring around my new home with my pup, Rodger! I’ve worked in the veterinary field for 9 years and counting and I plan to for the rest of my life. I’ve always had a love and passion for caring for animals, big and small. I am the practice go to when an animal is in need of a home, and rehabbing and finding a family for cats and dogs is a hidden talent of mine! I look forward to being a part of your loved ones care team!  

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Alexis Hewitt

Animal Care Technician

Meet Alexis Hewitt

My name is Alexis and I have been working in the veterinary field for nearly 5 years now. I have recently moved to Florida from California, and so far I truly love my new home! I have been surrounded by animals my entire life, and have always known I would belong in a career helping to heal and care for animals. I have worked in Emergency Medicine, Dental Specialty, and now General Medicine with Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic. I strive to further my education and gain experience in small animal practice. My favorite part of being an Animal Care Technician is being able to learn something new almost everyday and to be able to meet new patients and their families and nurture those relationships.  Some of my other hobbies include building computers and keyboards, reading, and being a full time cat mom!

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Tommy Swallow

Tommy Swallow

Bio coming soon!