Immunizations protect your pet from deadly or contagious disease such as rabies, distemper, parvo and leptospirosis. Our veterinarians provide both initial vaccination and booster shots to keep your pet safe against infection.

Vaccines not only protect your pet from highly contagious and deadly diseases from other animals but it also can prevent them from being passed to you or your family.

*It is now veterinarian recommended to have the annual Canine Influenza Vaccine due to the 2017 Outbreak in Florida.

  • Yearly Vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper-Parvo, Leptospirosis, Heartworm testing, Fecal/Parasite testing, and FVRCP/Felv
  • Bi-Annual Vaccinations: Bordetella
  • Monthly Preventatives and Maintenance: Heartworm, Flea, Intestinal Parasites, and Tick Prevention.

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