Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is frequently used to help accelerate wound healing. At our vet clinic we have used it for a number of cases in the clinic and have seen, first hand, the benefits of using it in appropriate situations. In addition, laser therapy can be used to the relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Laser therapy has been used for relief of arthritis in several of our patients and has shown very good results. In addition to arthritis, we have used laser therapy for dogs with intervertebral disc disease. Two patients who were paralyzed and with laser therapy and medications alone, have regained the use of their hind limbs. Other uses of laser therapy are for post operative incisions to aid in healing and decreasing inflammation, gingivitis, ear infections, and skin infections. According to Dr. Jenna Mollman Willis, Head Veterinarian, “I’ve seen laser therapy improve the quality of life in many of my patients that without it, would remain suffering and in pain.”

Laser therapy is a great modality alone or as a part of a therapy regime. It is very safe, however, is contraindicated in areas of cancer and pregnancy. Depending on the condition, one session or multiple laser sessions may be necessary for treatment or maintenance of the condition.

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